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I am a freelance writer, international educator and world traveller. I focus on modern pedagogy, blended learning, schooling innovations and international future-building.

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Mao trump article

Teaching Controversial Issues in 'Interesting' Times

The history teacher's job is not to tell students what to think; instead, we must give students opportunities to challenge conventional wisdom. We don't want our students to become automatons regurgitating narratives, but critical thinkers who can take their place as informed citizens in an advanced democracy.

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Celebrating International Women's Day: Activities and Team-Building

International Baccalaureate Resources | Pearson Glo...

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Inspire self-directed learning | SmartBrief

In an educational environment that is increasingly focused on differentiation, student choice and personalized learning, nurturing self-direction in students is of obvious interest to teachers.

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Blended learning: Step by step | SmartBrief

The best way to jumpstart a blended-learning mindset is to remember that, just like educational technology, blended learning is a means and not an end. Think about what you want to accomplish in your classroom and then adopt and adapt blended learning tools and strategies that allow you to achieve your goals.

Secov article

Using Competing Visions of Human Rights in an International IB ...

Social Education: The National Council for the Social Studies

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Who's in Control? Minimalism in the Modern Learning Classroom

CTQ: The Center for Teaching Quality

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Summer Cleaning: Eliminating Bad Habits One at a Time

CTQ: The Center for Teaching Quality

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Semester Without Grades: An early report from the field

CTQ: The Center for Teaching Quality